Sunday, July 5, 2009


skies are blue, leaves are green?
here i am deliberately thinking,
who am i? what i am?
the anwsers, i want to confirm.

having life, but i feel i'm gone
seems like i'm all alone
being nobody, without anybody
is there anyone who cares for me?

tears from my eyes fell down
my head is in big frown
the world is round
why still i'm in the ground?

why life is so unfair?
a question i always utter
being deprived of anything
of love, of friendship of everything

seen in one corner,
a man is a pretender
smiling beyond the tears of sorrow
waiting for a better tommorow.

As i kneel down and pray,
i hear a voice, say
Be firm and believe
not be weak and be brave

here comes a day
the nobody became somebody
strong enough he is today
believing that everyday is a brand new day

Look where he is now?
mingling in the world anyhow
to be stiff and firm, he promised to himself
he is nobody but myself

Friday, August 8, 2008


There are a of of myths and rumors about this deadly disease, but here are some facts:

* You cannot get HIV/ AIDS by drinking from the glass of someone who is infected.
* Hugging someone who is HIV + does not give you the disease.
*You cannot cure HIV/AIDS by having sex by a person who is not infected.


*You can get HIV/ AIDS from having sex with someone who is infected. And without medical tests, you would not know if that person has it or not.
*You can get HIV/ AIDS if you were born of an infected parent/ parents.
You can get HIV/ AIDS from a blood transfusion if the donor of the blood is infected with the disease.
*You can get HIV/ AIDS if you share a needle to inject drugs with someone who is infected.

What if all this scares you? First, you can greatly reduce your risk by not having sex before you married, even sex that is supposed to be protected. Second, if you or someone you know has been infected, God is a friend you can count on who offers you hope. When you put your life in his care you find out that no situation is ever too difficult for HIM.

Time Management

It is easy to become frustrated when you do not manage your time well. School requirements start piling up. Appointments and responsibilities overlap. You do not have time for your social activities. Suddenly, it feels like you are losing control of your time and, consequently, your life.

As a student, perhaps you notice that attending classes, keeping up with assignments and other requirements, studying and attending extracurricular activities demand more of your time. This heavy work load often affects your social life and even your leisure time too. Such reality tells you how important it is to plan and prioritize your activities so that you can perform your school ligation without denying yourself of other important things.

Since organizing and managing your time is the key to your better control of your time and your life, time management should be a major concern for you as a student given your numerous tasks and responsibilities in school and at home. When you manage your time well, you can be responsible, meet deadlines and put your life back on track. Learning time management techniques and developing your time management skills will help you plan the activities that you know and cope with those that will come.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pornography and Sexual Addiction

I look at pornography as an addiction. You keep on craving something that is harder and harder..... until you reach a point where pornography goes so far. You reach that jumping- off point where you begin to wonder if actually doing it will give you that which is beyond just reading about it or looking at it.

Pornography is the gateway drug of most sexual addiction. Like any other addiction sex addiction is progressive. There is a built- in dynamic that always drives the addict to the next level and the next.

Sex is the void of intimacy (such as pornography and casual sex) works as addictively as any pill or injection. Sex provides a quick mood change. It is a reliable escape.It masks the pain. Eventually the sex addicts becomes powerless over it. The addict goes out of control as the compulsion takes control. Even harmful consequences cannot deter the sex addict's compulsion to repeat the act and find temporary relief.

You're Beautiful The Way You Are

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished you were someone else? If you answer yes, you're in the majority. Probably everyone who has ever lived wished that they could change at least one thing about themselves: their nose, their height, their personality- something.

Looks. Money. Possessions.Popularity. They all have one thing in common, their not guaranteed. Even if you have them, they're all temporary. When your self- worth relies on the outward aspects of your life, happiness and fulfillment will always be short lived. For everything you see by your naked eye is not permanent.

True worth can only be measured by accepting to yourself of what and who you are. It is showing contentment of what GOD has given you. Remember You are beautiful the way you are. Just have confidence to carry yourself out of the billion.Bear in mind that the essence of beauty isn't seen by the eyes rather perceives by the heart.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Real Success

How do you measure success?

Let's say you had lot of money. Anything you wanted, you could buy. Now, you'd probably have a pretty long shopping list. And with all that money, many people would say that you are successful.

But what about the other list? The real list of things that money can't buy. The list that comes from the heart. The real list that probably includes: you long to be loved; you want your family to get along; you need to be accepted just the way you are. And you want the hole in your heart filled.

Too often the standards for success are measured by the level of education we have attained, the amount of money we have in the bank, the size of our house, or how much material possessions we own.

Education is important; we should go for all that is available to us. And there's nothing wrong with a good job and wealth. But in reality, it is how we treat others and what we do with our education and money that people will remember long after we are gone.

Real success can only be measured at the end of our lives by how we used what we had to serve society and honor GOD. This is the only success that can never be taken away from you.

So work for the real success......success of the heart.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


It's on the billboards and TV, in magazines and movies. Advertisers use it to sell us their goods. It's in the music we listen to, and floods the internet. Sex is suggested by styles of dress. It's been used to destroy the innocence of children and has made a mess of way too many lives.

Sex is definitely here to stay. Easy to get, anytime with whomever, no commitment, and no responsibilty. But sex has come a long way from the original design God intended. Thats right, believe it or not, sex was designed by God. He created men and women different physically for the purpose of sexual intimacy. Although one purpose is for sexual relationship is for bringing children into the world, God also planned for sex to be pleasurable.

Everything that God created has purpose. But it also has order. God's design for sex, then, must be enjoyed within the boundaries of marraige, love, and a lifetime commitment. Beyond this sex results in confusion, conflict and chaos.

Outside the marraige, sex does not build up self- worth, but rather destroys it. Those who use it as currency to buy things they want emotionally or physically end up bankrupt. Couples who choose no to wait until marraige bring the weight of guilt, loss of respect, and mistrust to their relationship.

Sex that is practiced outside of God's plan has long term consequences, like the heartache of unwanted pregnancies, abortion, rape, and other form of sexual abuse. Then there is the long list of tragic sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

God's design for sex is something quite the opposite and a whole lot better! those who wait until marraige not only avoid the avoid the dangers of premarital sex, they are also setting themselves up for a lifetime of discovery, satisfaction, and fulfillment within marital love. And something worh waiting for